It can be the darkest of days, and He is still so near.

It doesn’t matter how alone you may feel.

It doesn’t matter what thoughts you are having.


The light of Jesus Christ is greater than your darkest night.

Greater than your heartbreak.

Greater than your disease.

Greater than your loneliness.

Greater than your grief.

Greater than your hurt.

Greater than your fear.

Greater than your anxiety.

Greater than your insecurity.

Greater than your lack.

Greater than your past.

Greater than, greater than, greater than.


And darkness gives way to His light.

Are you getting it now?

“Darkness gives way to His light…”

So, don’t underestimate the darkness you are currently in.

His light is just shining through in the midst of the cracks.

Sometimes God allows us to come to the very end of ourselves, to the deepest part of the “pit” (whatever that may be for you. Maybe it’s one of the things stated above) we may find ourselves in… but He is always reaching His arm down.

I want you to visualize yourself in a pit. Yes, deep in a dark pit like in those Indiana Jones movies full of insects & weird creepy crawlies & stuff.

It’s also dark and narrow.

You’re so distracted by your surroundings, you’re so focused on your circumstances (the darkness, the insects, the narrowness) that you never even noticed the great, strong, & mighty Hand of God reaching out to you.

He’s saying to you even now… “Rise Daughter”

He’s saying to you, “I love you, daughter. Just the way I made you. But it hurts me to see you like this. Together, with my help, with MY Mighty Hand, we can rise. We can rise up from this pit and I can show you the beautiful splendor of a relationship with Me.”

That’s what God, the Creator of the entire universe is saying to you now.

How do you respond?

Talk to you soon.

<3, Anais