Found in His Love

Found in His Love

Never ending,

Never failing

Constant through every season

Full of passion, yet tender/gentle

Is God’s love for me

Your love changes me

Your love transforms me

Though everything around me may be in chaos, Your love is unmoving, firm, unshakable

In Your love I am secure

“Insecurity” turns into security

Your love confronts the lies that have made their home in my mind

Your love shows me that I don’t need people’s approval; because Your love is enough for me

Your love is everything I’ve tried to find in other places

In the wrong wells

It was as if You’ve been calling my name this whole time… with arms open wide… waiting for me to respond

I’m finally beginning to understand that it is in being loved by You where I find who I truly am.

My I D E N T I T Y – as Your daughter

I tried to find that love, like so many of us in other places, but they never worked.

Until I found You


Maybe you’ve heard of this love, and really haven’t grasped or been revealed what it really means for you

Maybe God has been trying to get your attention recently or for quite some time now and because of:


•feeling unworthy/undeserving

•thinking it’s not enough to satisfy you

•trying to find it in other sources/unintentionally pushing it to the side

You haven’t fully taken in His love

Don’t worry, I’ve been there too.

You see, I had to understand that nothing else could fill me.


We were created to be found in His love, everything apart from it is not real love.

Only HIS love can fill you.

Praying for you, dear sister,


The Prince of Peace for Anxiety

Sometimes anxiety hits you like a hard wave in the ocean.

If you’ve felt it you know exactly what I’m talking about…

The imagery I like to give is like when you literally are in an ocean and jumping over waves with your friends.

You just jumped one and start laughing/being silly with your friends – when suddenly an enormous, skin cutting, harsh wave hits you out of nowhere. You didn’t see it coming!  

It’s so violent that it pushes you back, and if hard enough, can cause you to fall back.

The hard wave hits you and then overwhelms you in the waters.  

That’s how I like to describe anxiety/panic attacks.

If you’re reading this and have struggled with this – I want to tell you this:


I had anxiety/panic attacks growing up – so much so that I would tell my Mom that I felt as if I was about to have a heart attack.

With panic attacks I began to hyperventilate; it was so bad.

Anxiety, on the other hand, is so easy to get. The smallest things in life can cause them. Since anxiety has the ability to rise up so unexpectedly, we must be aware of the biggest Helper in our time of need:

The Prince of Peace = Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 9:6

“And He will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

He is The Prince of Peace – therefore it is in His nature to give us peace.

There is no medicine, no therapy; absolutely nothing in the world that can compare to Him.

Does anxiety sometimes try and come again? Yes, especially when I am overwhelmed by so many tasks.

But, having the certainty of the One who is constant, near, and promises to never fail me is what settles and washes away the LIE of anxiety, panic, and fear.

Anxiety, panic, and fear may try and come… but Jesus stays the same forever.

And for you, my friend, He too promises to give you His peace.

Both now & forever-more…

“Peace I leave you, peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

John 14:27


Father God, I come before you today and ask you to give me the peace You say You left us in John 14:27. I recognize my complete and total need for You. I surrender my anxiety, panic, and fear to You – right now. I ask You Father to overwhelm me with Your peace and give me freedom. I want to be free and have my entire trust in You. Help me & guide me with my tasks so that I have full assurance that the Prince of Peace is right next to me through it all.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I pray,


| I’m so glad you prayed this prayer! I would love to hear from you if you did, and if this post was both a blessing and for you – leave a comment below OR send me an email through the CONNECT link at the top of the page. |

Again, let your peace not be dependent on tranquil, unchallenging circumstances. Let your peace be found in who JESUS is!

“…Prince of Peace…”

I’m praying for you, dear one.

Big hugs!!


Darkness Gives Way to His Light

Darkness Gives Way to His Light

It can be the darkest of days, and He is still so near.

It doesn’t matter how alone you may feel.

It doesn’t matter what thoughts you are having.


The light of Jesus Christ is greater than your darkest night.

Greater than your heartbreak.

Greater than your disease.

Greater than your loneliness.

Greater than your grief.

Greater than your hurt.

Greater than your fear.

Greater than your anxiety.

Greater than your insecurity.

Greater than your lack.

Greater than your past.

Greater than, greater than, greater than.


And darkness gives way to His light.

Are you getting it now?

“Darkness gives way to His light…”

So, don’t underestimate the darkness you are currently in.

His light is just shining through in the midst of the cracks.

Sometimes God allows us to come to the very end of ourselves, to the deepest part of the “pit” (whatever that may be for you. Maybe it’s one of the things stated above) we may find ourselves in… but He is always reaching His arm down.

I want you to visualize yourself in a pit. Yes, deep in a dark pit like in those Indiana Jones movies full of insects & weird creepy crawlies & stuff.

It’s also dark and narrow.

You’re so distracted by your surroundings, you’re so focused on your circumstances (the darkness, the insects, the narrowness) that you never even noticed the great, strong, & mighty Hand of God reaching out to you.

He’s saying to you even now… “Rise Daughter”

He’s saying to you, “I love you, daughter. Just the way I made you. But it hurts me to see you like this. Together, with my help, with MY Mighty Hand, we can rise. We can rise up from this pit and I can show you the beautiful splendor of a relationship with Me.”

That’s what God, the Creator of the entire universe is saying to you now.

How do you respond?

Talk to you soon.

<3, Anais